Preparing Your Motorbike For Sale

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    <p> Once upon a time, you bought your bike… remember that? Remember the shiny new model you found in the showroom? Well, keep that picture in mind for the next few days! Whether you're looking to trade your bike in for a new model, or you're just after cash, it's time to prepare your motorbike for sale. Let's face it, this bike caught your eye one day, and now you want the same feelings you felt for the next buyer! Here at We Buy Any Bike, we've provided you with a little guide on how to get the best value for your bike! </p><p> Test Ride </p><div class=”fluid-ad print image_sharing_exclude cpc-track”><script async website
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    </script></div><p> Before you get your hands dirty, you want to take your wheels for a good spin, making sure to listen out for any faults that might spring to mind, or, more importantly, that might spring to the buyers mind! You never know, you could be getting quite a lot than expected for your bike, but if you come across a mechanic who knows the ins and outs of every model, you don't want them pointing out anything you might have missed! </p><p> Get prepared, bring a pen and paper with you, maybe set up a recording on your phone and take your pride and joy for a good spin. It wouldn't be a bad idea to pick a quiet route, maybe a country road on a Sunday afternoon, with no interruptions. Feel free to pull over a couple of times to take note of anything irregular that you might not expect from a top quality bike that runs with an exceptional engine. </p><p> Service </p><p> Firstly, you want to begin by giving your bike a quick shower. This first wash doesn't need to be intense; you'll be doing that after. This step is advisable, as it provides you with a clear canvas for your bike; pointing out all the different elements. </p><p> When providing your bike with a service, you want to make sure you cover all of these steps! </p>

    • Check the tyre pressures
    • Change the Oil and the Oil Filter
    • Check the brakes
    • Check the bodywork
    • Fill in any paint areas that might have been chipped
    • Ensure all the electrics are in working order, not forgetting the lights!
    • Check the mirrors for any damage; even slight scratches can make a big difference!

    <p> MOT </p><p> Depending on how you're planning on selling your bike, this step isn't necessarily crucial. If you're planning on selling privately, we recommend giving your bike an MOT; of course this also depends on when it is due. We understand that this step can be tricky, so we also recommend taking it to a second hand source if you're not quite the mechanic yourself. </p><p> On the other hand, if you're selling to a bike buyer like us, giving your bike an MOT isn't necessary! All we ask is that you make your bike look a little bit pretty. Well, we don't really ask it, but it would be advisable! </p><p> You're nearly done! </p><p> Now is the time to give your wheels a wash, don't worry, your hands will probably get clean in the process too! Giving your bike a thorough clean will probably leave you feeling like you don't really want to part ways, but don't let your thoughts betray you. That is… if you really want to sell it! </p><p> Following your wash you want to give your bike a nice coat of wax to set in all your hard work, and a good polish will surely show off your bike to its new owner! </p><p> Sell Your Bike! </p><p> Of course, there are many ways to sell a bike, you could turn to the old fashioned street market; street being word of mouth. Or alternatively, there are lots of websites online, such as Auto Trader, eBay Motors, Gumtree; you name it! Selling on Social Media sites has also proved to be a popular route over the years. But, do you really want to put yourself through all the hassle that comes with private selling? </p><p> We Buy Any Bike provide a service that will relieve you from all the worries that private selling gives you. So, why not prevent: </p><div class=”fluid-ad print image_sharing_exclude cpc-track”><script async website
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    • Tyre Kickers
    • General Stress
    • Advertising Fees
    • Hagglers
    • Time Wasters

    <p> Sell your bike to a bike buyer like us! Our website offers FREE instant valuations for your motorbike, and if you're not happy with your sale, don't stop there! Our team are always on hand to discuss a price that suits you. We're all bikers and we love bikes, we want to make selling your bike as hassle free as possible; that's why we created this business! If you'd like to compare prices, here are some other bike buyers: </p>

    • Best Bike Buyer
    • We Want Your Motorbike

    <p> What's more – following your acceptance of the offer, we will also collect your bike for FREE too! Offering cash in hand upon collection, or bank transfer; whichever you prefer! All we ask; is that you live in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, and we will pick your bike up for free! </p><p> Remember! WeBuyAnyBike pay the most and collect the quickest! </p>
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    <div class=”author-signature”> Emma Henry is the current sole contributor and Digital Marketing Manager to , the UK’s largest motorbike trader and bike buyer. For any queries regarding the article, please contact<div class=”spacer”></div></div>
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